What we do

What we do

At Greenroom Projects, we’re dedicated to doing great work so you get the most out of your outdoor environment. For us, landscape design and construction is more than just a job, and everyone in our team feels that way.

With every landscaping project, from design through to construction, to project management, we believe in working closely with the client to make sure everything runs smoothly. We think it’s important you get to talk to the people who’re making the decisions and doing the work, right the way through the process, not just at the start.


Planning and Design

Like many things, the importance of good initial planning plays a large part in any successful landscape garden project.

Greenroom can work with you to design and plan your new landscape from the beginning, or work with existing concepts and ideas.


When it comes to making your project sustainable and able to stand the test of time, good construction is the foundation of a successfully landscaped garden.

Over the past few years, we have worked on a variety of projects which have all presented different challenges. From retaining walls and fences to decks and paving, we love this side of landscaping and we know the value of thorough site preparation and planning. 



Whether your project ends up requiring hard or soft landscaping, planting offers endless opportunities.  Whether you want to add colour, vibrancy, natural forms. or just soften hard lines, plants bring your environment to life.
Season after season, plants add an evolving and ever-changing element to your outdoor space.  Often deciding on a theme helps tie a landscaped garden together. Whether it be hardy native varieties,  low maintenance tropical palms , or tightly clipped formal hedging, Greenroom can help you choose the right plant for the right place.

Project Management

We know the value of making sure our work isn’t just planned well, but also that’s it’s delivered on time, on budget with every aspect being finished properly.  We‘re happy to manage other relevant trades to make sure your landscape project comes together.

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